Painful Neck Boil

Squeeze, spurt, ouch, repeat. Bet this nasty neck boil was very painful.

YT Poster: Raide Laisa
Run Time: 8:14

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  • Sooo much potential but soooo much whining and complaining “Don’t get it on your good t-shirt!” “Oh, no, don’t touch it!!!” Goodness gracious….shut up!!! If you don’t want to squeeze it, get out of the way and let someone that CAN do it handle it!!!

  • If I ever have a painful lump, I hope all I have to do is open a hole in it and tilt my head back far enough.
    I’m really uncomfortable with Coke Zero being next to red wine in a brandy glass. It’s wrong. So many ways.
    I’m updating my list of something every adult should have handy.
    Jelly bean bowl.
    The last item added was a dose or two of Narcan to keep handy for uncomfortable encounters with strangers who WERE having a good day, but then stopped breathing.

  • I think all three of them are off their meds for some reason. But I’ll bet he wanted to snatch both of those women bald headed by the end of the session. It looks like his wife didn’t want anyone to see what was coming out of that boil.

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