Adults With Acne

Acne Naevus or Comedomal NaevusAghhh it still happens as an adult! It is understandable to think that when you are younger, due to your hormones and puberty teen acne may occur, but it can also continue until you become older too. It is different for everyone, so no one can truly say how long you will have to deal with your acne. But it is important to know that there is always a solution, no matter how old you are. I know it can be frustrating and annoying, but here is some information on how to clear that up. Luckily there are a lot of products that have topical vitamin c for acne.

One unusual skin condition that occurs when adults are in their mid 40’s is the onset of adult acne. One will sit and look in the mirror in dismay that this once teenage condition has now returned. The good news is that it’s not as bad as teenage acne and most likely you are unaware of the multitude of treatments that are now available for adults. This form of adult acne is referred to as acne rosacea and it’s a lot more common than you know.

It’s important to understand that acne is not due to poor hygiene. It’s actually a combination of several factors. One of the worse culprits for adult acne is hormones. This can cause oil secretions which in turn is one part of acne. Sometimes it’s something as simple as the hair duct closing up and sometimes it’s just a plain old infection. No matter what the cause, one of the worst things you can do is to start squeezing them. This often will lead to permanent scarring and in extreme cases infection. Worse than that, it also can cause the acne to spread even further on the face especially when due to an infection.

The solutions are many. Just check out the skin care line at your local pharmacy or department store. The shelves are loaded with a wide range of solutions. The problem with this wide variety is that you need a solution or cream that is specifically designed for the type of acne you are suffering with. Although everyone’s skin is different, it may be worth watching some videos online about people talking about how they managed to mange their acne. These videos can be quite informative, especially when it comes to potential products you could buy. Maybe you’ll find that someone looking into something like Tea tree essential oil by Rouh Essentials to help improve their acne or maybe something regularly used face masks to help them out. Skincare is definitely hit or miss, but you won’t find a solution unless you give a number of products a go. You could actually spend less money by going to a dermatologist and getting their recommendations. They’re the experts and if you want over the counter solutions, they will be able to give you advice on the proper ones to choose.

One of the newest treatments is a retinoic acid cream. It’s actually a form of vitamin A and in the slow release form it helps to reduce irritation that people had with the old formula. There are a number of other creams that can be used for the treatment of acne including topical antibiotics, azelaic acid and benzoyl peroxide.

Some people may want to use the services of a dermatologist and most likely the recommendation will be to use a laser machine. These machines are so advanced that they can treat any type of skin as well as any color. Those dealing with acne problems that have used this method have seen a high degree of success. Lasers tend to reduce sebum, which is the oily substance in pores that tends to be one of the main causes of blackheads or pimples. If the acne is severe your dermatologist may consider using a combination of UV light with the laser treatments. This helps to regenerate the pores and make them healthy again. One of the best side benefits of laser is that it can help to remove old scars from pimples that went deep.

No matter what treatment option you choose, it’s important to know that adult acne is highly treatable today. From creams and lotions to laser, one of them or a combination of treatments will help to rid you of adult acne much faster than they could a few years ago and it’s also very affordable.

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