Steady stream of greenish-yellow pus oozing from an upper arm infection. It’s frustrating in a way because you want her to squeeze it to increase the flow, but she refuses because of the pain. Still worth a look-see though. Enjoy..

YT Poster: brent sherry
Run Time: 8:24

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  • Ouch. poor girl. There was what looked like another hole that could have been worked with right below as well. I think i would have thrown the towels at the filmer. Such a PITA awesome pus tho

  • I don’t quite get it. She has hospital bands on her wrist, she’s wearing a hospital gown & is on an exam table but she’s doing it herself, and not doing a good job. I’m thinking it’s maybe a dog bite. Those are bad because the teeth push the bacteria far down. With all those fibrin clots you know their blocking so much more. I don’t get why she won’t pull out that lower fibrin clot so more pus can come out at the same time. She needs a Dr to do it plus she’d save herself a lot of pain. She needs a proper I & D. They need to open it up so the deep pus can come out instead of being behind fibrin clots. Lidocaine would feel much better. That has to hurt ALOT. I love it though, lol. That kind of infection is one of my favorite vids. I want to see the Dr cut her & the pus just pour out with big fibrin clots. I wonder why my friends say I’m sick & shouldn’t watch this kind of stuff. HAHAHA.

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