What Happens When You Biore Strip a Dog? Blackheads & Clogged Pores

In this video a pet owner uses Biore strips on their Chinese Crested! Let’s see what this dogs pores look like after a pore strip!

YT Poster: The Weird Side of Medicine
Run Time: 1:28

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  • My daughter breeds and shows Chinese Crested dogs. There are True Hairless, Hairy Hairless, and Powder-Puff Chinese Cresteds. Obviously the True Hairless have the most skin trouble. It is expected with the breed and simply cant be avoided. This breed takes dedication to their skin care, but being hairless means all dirt and oil goes straight into their pores.
    I was impressed with how well the pore strip worked. Unfortunately, the pores will fill back up again. I think the answer is to get a black Chinese Crested!

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