I’m not exactly sure what’s going on here, but the person in the clip has a river of ‘blus’ (blood+pus) draining from about 4 different places on her face. I’ve never seen anything like it. You may want to skip to about 1:35. Enjoy…

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  • That was a bad abscess. I’m not sure why the Dr chose to make the holes & squeeze so hard. He could have made an incision & not have squeezed so much & cleaned it out. It would have healed without a scar as long as it was taken care of. But the thick green pus was great.

  • He’s draining an infection caused by the patient using a cosmetic filler (I.e. cosmetic surgery). I think there is a bit of both filler and “blus” in the discharge. The pain must be excruciating for this woman. I’m sure she will feeling a lot better after getting this drained, cultured and treated with an appropriate antibiotic.

  • I just looked at some other videos from this doctor/clinic.
    It looks like they do this quite often.
    The thing on a stick is a laser. It’s put in to liquefy and break down the tissue, which I believe is necrotic fat caused by filler injections around the cheeks and mouth causing trauma that caused the fat to necrotize and turn hard.
    I’ve had abdominal surgery that led to necrotic fat tissue under my skin layer. All of it had to be cut out because it was too deep and too big into my abdomen.
    Think of one of Dr. Lee’s big lipomas, but rock hard.
    I think that’s what’s happening here. Only by destroying the fat with the laser and draining the fluid can it be removed without cutting the face open and removing the 3-dimensional lump of dead tissue.
    Removing it while the outer skin is attached and hanging naturally allows the voids created by the removal of the tissue to hide under the curtain of the skin.

  • HOLYYYYYYYYYYYYY SH_T that was mortifyingly GNARLY! Genacysts’ explanation was beautifully written but whether that was the case or it was an extreme infection, it was revolting! Poor woman……I hope she heals completely & permanently.

  • I know a couple of ladies who are considering cosmetic surgery. I’m going to send this one to them to show the possible results of their bodies rejecting whatever it is that was put in them. I feel sorry for this lady at the same time. Basically I think she was just wanting to make herself presentable. Another sad point is that my friends who are considering cosmetic are drop dead gorgeous in my opinion.

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