Pus Plug

Short video,but oddly interesting

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  • I don’t think this is a pus plug at least not the way I define it. This is just a scab that they cut off. A pus plug is material coming out of an infection that is a bit thicker and may require additional pressure or cutting to get it out of the opening that you are using to drain the pimple or abscess.

  • This has been posted a couple of times, it’s still a great video. Poppitypoppop, I kinda agree, the guy is screaming like a little girl, but I’ve been told, that the stuff that’s being poured into the open cavity near the end is actually rubbing alcohol, going into a gaping wound like that has gotta be painful. In the end though I agree, he was screaming like a child, but everyone’s pain tolerance is different…

  • I hope the pushead guy(draining his brain material) will soon read this comment:
    “Hello, Mr. PusBrain DUH. You are the most weak, nitwitted, blockheaded, pinheaded, idiotic imbecile dillrod_putz on Earth, with a whiney attitude exemplary of a moron. We hope your delicious MRSA infection enters your cerebral cortex, flows towards your eye sockets and pours out of your eyeballz for you to view your pusbrain, Mr. PusBrain DUH.”

  • AJMCDOOL this is a keratin plug. For sure. It’s just dried out & hardened like a scab. You can see the rest of it when they pull it out. That was great but too bad there wasn’t more pus in there. I never listen to these with the sound on. I listen to something else. Music, tv or podcast. I heard enough of these when I first started, lol. If they poured alcohol in there you know that burned like a mofo.

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