Forehead Blackhead

Good blackhead extraction at 5:10 long extraction video, worth watching

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  • Oh NOOOOOOOO. For some reason, this doctor or medical person seems to LOVE putting the blackheads on her glove. NEVER seen that done here, and it gives me the creeps. Just CAN’T watch it.

    • This Channel, Acne Treatment – well, everyone seems to put the plugs on their gloves while they are working. It goes faster. And the plugs are wet enough to stick on the gloves, then they dry a bit and stick to the gloves until they are done.
      I didn’t like it at first, but as I’ve seen more of their videos, they are able to cover a lot of area really fast.

    • it is nasty, they spend more time trying to keep the junk on their gloves then tending to the face. one guy squeezed half the face, went back and wiped it clean and free of deb-re and it was so so much faster then this filthy mess.

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