Huge, chunky infected cyst

I’ve been a follower of PTZ for many years and it takes a lot to impress me. This… impressed me. Enjoy.

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  • “Anesthesia”? No, no, I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of….oh, wait, you must mean the Czar’s daughter, right? Oh, but they determined a few years ago through DNA that some of the bones found with the rest of the Czar’s family were indeed hers. So there’s no chance of finding Anesthesia around here.

  • Two thoughts: there goes my plans for having a milkshake with my meal tonight and from about half way through, on first unsettling glance, it looks remarkably like a baby should be popping out of that gash.
    That was really brutal.

  • Old video, but it is one of the best. Unfortunately for the patient, the ‘doctor’ pretty much butchers him after getting most of the pus drained. Hard to follow just what he was trying to do as much of it seemed brutal and unnecessary. Hope the guy is alright.

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