Not so fun now, is it?

ALL those videos we see of some poor animal with an abscess or cyst that needs taking care of….I don’t know about you, but sometimes I think that if people aren’t going to take care of their animals, let me at it. Give me something sharp and clean and back away.
This poor cow needed some help.

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  • What an asshole. I grew up farming and ranching. Lanced hundreds of cysts, infected udders, bot flies, infected rattlesnake bites and never had an animal react like that. Of course I never just walked up and jabbed the hell out of one with a utility knife either. She deserved that and that man with her deserved worse for either letting her do it or told her to do it like that. Assholes.

      • Your thinking is right on target jango. We would have given the animal a dose of tranquilizer and used a number 10 scalpel on that one. Drained and irrigated it and hit her with a dose of antibiotic. Back in the 60’s and 70’s the vets would sell it over the counter. Until the druggies discovered that they could take the tranq, drink a few beers and end up dead that is. Anyway we treated our animals good and all our friends did too. It’s a shame what folks have degenerated to in regards to the way they treat farm animals. Assholes.

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