Petrified Cyst! Parts I and II by Dr Pimple Popper – Pop That Zit

Does that mean it’s afraid to come out?

Part 1

Part 2

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  • this was WAYYYY too slow and drawn out for my tastes; took forever to watch–even watching at 3.5 speed. I’m not particularly fond of the sac removal portion of most cyst videos to begin with…
    I just like watching the erupting contents of cysts portion of videos, don’t particularly care for picking one apart bit by painstakingly small bit as if it’s a dinosaur dig site;
    so this is just an exclamation of personal taste. Those who like it–more power to ya! <3

  • maybe you could have used a mini chain saw ?? ( ha ha ha ha ) i have never seen a cyst as hard as that one was/is !!
    can something be instilled in the hole to soften the old skin ?? maybe peroxide / saline / some type of oil ?? fill the hole close it off for a few days to give it time to soak in to the tissue to soften it up, then open it up and drain and remove the softened contents..
    perhaps the material could be drawn out and flattened and used as a shoe/boot repair material .. ( ha ha ha ha )

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