Suzie Q and the Ungrateful Host – Backheads, White Heads Part 1

This gal is loaded with the full arsenal – comodone extractor loop, hook tweezers, sharp metal pointy thing, gloves, gauze…well equipped this one.

And then there’s this guy….the one with the hairy back with cysts, acne, blackheads and who knows what whining and twisting and griping in general while she tries to clear the landmines that are his follicular situation. It’s so diverse. Rather than “popee” I prefer to call him a host/carrier.

“Enjoy” the frustration.

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    • In other vids of this host and the most patient popper I’ve seen, he has active cystic acne, box car scars, epidermal cysts and massive amounts of big comodones. Dude’s a mess.
      If it were up to me, I’d make him unconscious. shave him bare and clean out his skin completely. Swab him down in a strong salt water solution (kills bacteria), add hydrocortisone cream and deal with the ingrown hairs as they happen.
      But first – unconscious. Very unconscious.

    • You got that right McPimple. Heck, one time we used a broken beer bottle to cut a cyst that weighed about 6 pounds off my pecker and I didn’t carry on like this dude is. Sheesh….

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