G I A N T back abscess

Although it has the typical cliche elements of most popping videos, shoddy camera work, annoying technique, irritating conversations, I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything like this. The actual abscess is HUGE and filled with so much pus that it’s seeping through her shirt. You really just have to watch it to get the full effect. Enjoy…

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  • Shocking…and not the abscess (or possibly infected cyst)…

    1. why leave something that big without seeing a GP at least??
    2. That bra needs a boil wash or chucking in the bin..
    3. How much kitchen roll did they waste on that??
    4. Pathetic attempt to drain
    5. Not even trying to pull the pus plug out and let it drain better
    6. Truly dreadful camerawork

    What a waste of an opportunity :-((

  • An infection like this can heal on its own as long as the person is healthy and the abscess is kept drained.
    Antibiotics are just training wheels fo the immune system.
    Big lumps like this can actually come on really fast.

  • In addition to all of the other comments, I’m a little bothered by the fact she told him not to do it and he persisted anyway. There was zero empathy for her pain throughout the video. I think now that she’s had non-sterile instruments and un-gloved hands used, she should get to the doctor to a) finish draining and b) get on abx.

  • Holy Smokes! How do you allow something like that to get so big??!!! I suppose, because mom is such a p*##y! If she has given birth to at least two kids, I would think she could better tolerate this drainage. And, it HAD to feel better. Just standing in the shower with the water hitting it would have done wonders. Dad is VERY nice about it. He’s gentle and patient (even though he needs to cut and clean those nails). As far as film quality goes, the kid sounds like hes’s only about nine. I hope we get to see follow-up draining. And maybe an explanation of the origin.

  • The camera work was driving me nuts (I was actually stretching my neck all around to try and see what was out of frame), but Ya gotta give the kid a break; I know that I’d get mesmerized by that monstrosity and puss flow and you forget to look at it through the recording device… AND, he stuck it out through that Nasty, Pungent Odor (that I was Sure was seeping through my screen…. OOOh Weeee!

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