Gushing Abscess

They say it’s a giant pus filled wound but it looks like an abscess to me. A lot of gushing goo after the initial cut. It’s not in English so we don’t know what they’re saying. I hope they knocked the patient out for this. It’s almost a straight two minutes of pure pus gushing. It sounds like this might take place in a hospital, you can hear a baby crying. More sensitive viewers might want to keep this video on mute.
What a nasty infection! I hope this patient made it through ok.

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  • This kind of thing is not done under sedation. It is done with a bit of local anesthetic (lidocaine with epinephrine likely), enough to numb the area where the scalpel cuts.
    Injecting loads of anesthetic into a wound like this (or most abscesses) is a waste because the pH of the abscess goop with neutralize the anesthetic.
    Like many dermatologists and medical clinic procedures, you’ll see minimal amounts of anesthetic until the wound is drained and is only used if the med professional has to dig around or cut inside the wound. Blunt dissection of pus pockets (locoli) does not need additional anesthetic.
    Cutting into this kind of abscess (Yes, it is an abscess. Abscess by definition is an infection.) provides an enormous amount of immediate pain relief for the person as the pressure of the fluid build-up on the infected tissue around the abscess is the main source of pain. The goop does not cause pain own. Goop is just a waste product of the immune system. Immune system poo if you will.
    Because of the extent of infected goop build-up, this procedure is probably done in a medical clinic, urgent care, or emergency room to relieve the pressure. It is then flushed with sterile saline, diluted hydrogen peroxide, and/or betadine. The wound is left open to continue to drain (vented tube, fabric wick) and following treatment will definitely include intense antibiotic therapy and possibly surgery to more effectively clean the goop, remove dead tissue, and treat the source of the infection.

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