Alien Neck Cyst

The dialog is pretty funny. At first, the guy says he wants to name his cyst “Amber” and the woman in the video asks “Is that your hooker’s name?”
The patient gets a giant cyst removed on his neck. It’s like an alien has been living in there and his neck gives birth to it. This is one of the biggest sacs I’ve ever seen removed. It seems like it’s pretty painful coming out, I’m surprised they didn’t numb him more.

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  • That’s fibrin!!! It’s my favorite.
    It’s the same stuff that comes out when people are trying to drain a cyst and get those white stringy plugs. This is just a plug on a very big scale.
    It likely doesn’t hurt, it’s more like pressure and the feeling of it being pulled through the skin. That’s why the guy can’t tell when it’s all gone.
    Fibrin is a component of blood. When an abscess fills up an empty space, as the infection is defeated, the body eliminates the pus (dead white blood cells and dead infected cells) and uses fibrin. The fibrin attaches to the interior hole and starts to create a web connecting fibrin strands to fibrin strands to pull the hole together and closed.
    Because this is a “bendy part” the fibrin has a hard time pulling things together, but it fills up the space so no more tissue damage or infection can happen in there and it stays flexible unlike a scar would.
    You’ll note, pulling it out, there was no blood and the inside of the hole was smooth and clean.

  • The picture above is not from this video. This looks like it is from the video of the guy with the huge cyst who has his wife or daughter squeeze stuff all over the backyard.

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