How to Treat Teenage Zits

It’s well known that almost every teenager goes through some kind of zit phase – but early treatment can help your child’s zits come down to a tiny dot. In this article, we will tell you 5 ways to keep your young teenagers’ skin healthy and clean during, before, and after outbreaks.


Be on alert for any new outbreaks

A teenager’s zit phase normally occurs around the ages of 10-13, although many children show signs of outbreaks as early as 8.

This is a lot earlier than most parents expect or are prepared for, you should watch out for not only zits but for small blackheads, acne, anything that shows that the skin condition is worsening. It will usually start around the nose, and spread to the forehead and cheeks/chin when it gets worse. The primary aim should be to find outbreaks and stop them asap before they spread.

You should start treating them as soon as possible, don’t wait to see if it gets worse or better, most of the time without treatment – it will be worse. The earlier you prevent an outbreak the more likely it is that it stops it outright.


Teach your children how to look after their skin

When your child is 9 and above, they should start washing their faces daily before bed with a cleanser like Dove. The majority of times, this alone will stop an outbreak and improve facial conditions. Facial cleansing is very important for males, as it’s common for them to develop more long-term and mild acne or zits.


If you’re noticing zits regularly, use a product like a benzoyl peroxide to clean the face once or twice per day.

If the cleanser that you use begins to dry up your Childs’ face, you should apply some moisturizer after cleansing. Choose products that don’t contain oil or fragrance. If your child’s skin Is sensitive, then only use very delicate products, and don’t scrub!

Use mind zit/acne treatments

Benzoyl peroxide cream is one of the best ways to reduce breakouts and inflamed areas – if your child’s skin isn’t getting better with cleansing, then Benzoyl is a great choice.

Benzoyl peroxide is a very common way to treat acne & zits due to the low price, and effectiveness. You can buy this at almost any pharmacy. Benzoyl kills bacteria that make pimples & zits, and it’s extremely successful at getting rid of mild breakouts. When using Benzoyl, monitor your Child’s face for any side effects like redness or irritation, if it happens then lower the amount used to treat the zits.


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