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    In this case, he just needs to soak it long enough for the black part to peel off. The big hole is under there, then all of the goop can drain.
    This doesn’t actually require a doctor unless he gets a fever or the rest of his harm turns hot and swells. Then, his body is being overwhelmed by the infection and he needs a boost. Using oral antibiotics without a fever or spreading infection is antibiotic abuse. Your body is pretty handy at infections.
    Poisonous spider bites like this one pretty much stay local once they are opened up and cleaned out.
    It does need to be opened and cleaned out though. The venom in the spider bite kills tissue, so it’s best to open it once the pus starts to build up (the outer skin starts to thin and peel over a bump) and the black scab forms.
    Soaking the spider bite with a warm, wet cloth, or better, a warm, wet cloth with a bit of sea salt in the water will soften up the black scab. Get the scab off. It’s not really a scab, it’s dead skin killed by the poison.
    Spider bites will create a hole. Flush out all the goop with water, apply absorbent dressing, and wrap it loosely, like with an Ace bandage or CoBan. Replace the dressing every time it soaks through. DON’T POUR ALCOHOL IN ANY OPEN WOUND, EVER.
    The body will heal up. The goop will stop forming. Then the hole will fill in. Keep it covered.

  • Judas priest ! Why does someone let something get this bad and not seek professional medical care ? Purulent discharge, necrotic tissue – what the hell ? If you insist on going DIY, clean the basin, fill it with hot water and soak the damned thing to draw it out. I swear I think some people cultivate these things just so they can post a video.

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