Giant Infected Cyst

This woman is still dealing with this monster. This is the first in a series of videos she’s posted. The “fireworks” start at about the 11:54 mark. The other videos she has document the path this thing took from being infected to having it packed and drained for about the last 23 days…

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  • The guy doing this procedure needs to be sent to the corner to think about what he’s done.
    If you want to be annoyed, skip to 11:00. Everything is the same up to 11:00.
    There is a lot of no action between attempts: Dude, makes superficial strokes with a scalpel then pushes (which makes it bleed), and pushes, and pushes, and pushes, kind of like he’d prefer it tear open before he makes another stroke. That’s all you’re missing in the first 11 minutes.
    Around 11:18, he actually reaches the abscess with an incision less than 1 cm and tries to squeeze liquid/chunky content through.
    This is a very promising abscess.

  • OMG!! That fella trying to open this cyst is way out there in left field, I have never seen a Dr. do this before. I did more laughing through this because of the way the “Dr.” was going about it, this has to be his first time. It was 11 minutes and 30 seconds before the Doc clued in that he had to puncture the sack, then it was only a pinhole, he left so much gunk behind, poor lady!

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