@5 minutes of good blackheads

Asian video of a man with a wealth of blackheads.

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  • This is SO almost good. WHY WHY WHY WHY do they HAVE to put the bits and pieces on their damn gloves. I hate that. These were juicy, and I just hate looking at those gloves for some reason.

    • greywolf, hun, it’s happening. You’ve mentioned you don’t like it many times over a long period of time and you low-star the vids because of it. They are perfectly good zit vids.
      I don’t think it’s fair for you to give these vids a low ranking because of your personal pet peeve.
      And please? Shut it. Whining every time you see one is getting old. It doesn’t change anything and it’s “just greywolf66 griping again.” Give it a rest, will ya?

  • Greywolf66,

    Not only are you whiny, and rude, but may I remind you that these patients are NOT going to spas or dermatologists for your entertainment. The people who are removing the blackheads, cysts, etc. are NOT doing so for your entertainment. They are people performing a service for their clients and patients. The fact that they are filming so that we can view these videos is similar to a gift from them. They are under no obligation to film so that you don’t get grossed out. They do this all day, every day, and most of the time it is not for your amusement. If you are bothered by the keratin, oil, and skin collected on the gloves, stop watching. But you do not get to bitch and whine about how they do it. If it isn’t done to your specifications, go make your own videos and shut up.

    Also, Jordan1870, what makes it unsanitary? Are they going from one patient/customer to the next without washing their hands, changing gloves, and instruments? Doubtful. If you are grossed out, stop watching, but shut up and stop complaining.

    What is the matter with you people? You are watching pimple popping videos, videos of pus spewing boils, blackheads the size of a manhole cover; weepy, pus filled infections, animals with mango worms, and infected lesions the size of Cleveland, and you are worried about a little blackhead on a glove? We are all pretty warped individuals to begin with, so don’t pretend to be so freaking delicate. You are here just like the rest of us. Stop your whimpering.

    • Whoa, get off of your high horse, Vildy! I never say ANYTHING negative and happened to on this one video because it DID look unsanitary. Dragging the same piece of cotton over several sores with blood on it, chunks of blackheads that can drop all over the person’s face, continuing to squeeze using the same gloves on different pimples…yes, it does look unsanitary to me! And, FYI, I was not complaining, merely making an observation. The last time I checked, that was completely in line with the rules here. So, you need to step off and worry about your own comments!!! And, in the future, if I want your opinion, I’ll ask for it. In the meantime, I’ll post whatever I’d like wherever I’d like. Now, go mind your own business until someone calls for you. Doubtful. Oh, and bite me.

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