I have fur kids, the four legged kind that meow. (Also the 10 legged kind that chirp, but that’s for another time).
Unlike mango worm dogs, this little vid is about cats with blackheads and what to do about it.

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    Cats are carnivores. That means that their digestive system is NOT like ours. They can digest things that would make you sick (raw meats and such) but you can digest many more things that they cannot digest as you are an omnivore.

    We all know that most topical products are absorbed by the skin. It’s the same for cats. However, many things that are totally safe and even good for your own skin are deadly to your cat. ”But my dog is fine with it”, you may say? Yes. Your dog is an omnivore and is much closer to you in what they can digest.

    I am all for the fine tooth comb method but please be careful as to what you put in before and after. Cats cannot handle alcohol (which was used in this video- and the owner should stop it immediately), chocolate, raisins… Just because your cat doesn’t die from one use does not mean that they will not die from the next… I have seen more than one cat go into shock and it is not pretty. Look up EVERY ingredient before putting it on your cat. PS: Products aimed at cats are not necessarily safe. I ordered a cat shampoo from Amazon and it contained 3 ingredients that could prove deadly to cats. Amazon still sells it and the company refuses to get back to me.

    tl:dr many items that you can tolerate can kill your cat. They cannot tolerate alcohol, chocolate, grapes… Read labels and be safe with your furry friends. Made for cats does not mean that it is safe.

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