Gently….very gently *WARNING: BLOOD**

This fellow has many blocked pores abscessed and so close together they are scabbing over each other. Under all the scabs, the inflammation has broken the capillaries under his skin causing pools of blood to form.
The scabs have to come off.
The plugs have to come out.
The pus has to be drained.
The blood has to be let out.
Infection has to be prevented.
This is going to be one big wound…but it already is.

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  • Oh my gosh!! This poor girl!! Her face is horrible and I feel so badly for her!!! It looks soooo painful! Wow, I just want to cry for her! You know that has to not only hurt but it has to be horribly embarrassing. You would think that there would be something to help her!! I bet if you just squeezed the sides of her face, pus would ooze from all of the pores. Poor thing, I hope this gets better for her!! God Bless you!

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