BEWARE THIS ONE IS DISGUSTING, WATCH AT YOUR OWN RISK. Copious amounts of pus running down his side and onto the floor. Posted on YouTube by Mae Camacha

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  • Yeah, let’s just allow this to run not only all over the patient but then all over the floor, too!! Why wouldn’t someone either go outside (away from his CHILDREN) or to the shower where it’s not going all over the floor? This is just filthy, nasty and repulsive. I don’t care if it IS an extremely poor country, this disgusting nastiness is uncalled for, IMO.

  • Geez Jordan, you make a lot of assumptions there.
    You find it unsanitary. I get that. You don’t seem to understand infection control, but most people don’t.
    Assuming they’re poor is just kinda stupid IMHO. You’re missing out on life.

  • Ah, I know nothing about infection control, my assumption was stupid and I’m missing out on life? So I suppose I should wish I could be as insightful as you, right? If that includes your bitchy, know it all attitude, I think I’ll stick with my happy, intelligent, thoroughly fulfilled with life self. Thanks!! ????????????

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