What is this spot?

They’re really tearing into this thing, and not necessarily in a good way. Is it a boil, a cyst, a zit? Looks like they’re going to pull all of their insides out.

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  • Emil
    I’ve tried to keep quiet, but you seem to have absolutely limited knowledge in the area of dermatology, wounds, or managing biological material. Your introductions to videos are idiotic.
    This is a cyst. This is a very good example of using a dermal punch (the thingy with the greenish handle) to take off the top of the cyst. They squeezed out the cyst contents (all that white stuff is dead dermal tissue and sebum) and they used a curette (the thingy with a cup on the end of a metal stick) to scrape out the inside out the inside of the cyst and loosen the sac from the rest of the body.
    Then, they used locking hemostats (those long, blunt, tweezer-scissory things) to pull on the sac to pull it away from the rest of the body. Then they used the curette again to make sure they got as much of the sac as they could.
    You door knob.
    Please, before you write another introduction that criticizes the video, just stop. “This doesn’t look safe to me.” “…not in a good way.” “I don’t think they know what they’re doing.” “This should be done by a doctor.” “Is this a boil or a cyst?” Just stop yourself. This is the flippin internet. If you can’t bother to look up a picture of a cyst and a picture of a boil (which is full of blood and infection, you dink), say nothing. You just feed ignorance by spouting ignorance. You’re also reposting things that are already on this website, which is fine if it’s interesting, but if you put some crap label on it with a bunch of bogus criticism, your wreck this site. Thank you very much for farming videos and sharing them, just stifle your ignorance. PLEASE.

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