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10 Great Videos for New Popheads!


For those people who have just found this site, we have put together a little showcase of 10 videos from the “archives” that are worthy of being called cl**ZIT**ics, or appear on many member’s “Favorites List.”

Every week the list will be rotated, to give other videos a bit of airing out. Certain weeks there may be Theme oriented lists, and other weeks we may present the Top Ten Favorite videos of a member of PopThatZit. However the lists are compiled, you can be sure you are viewing some the best videos our members have posted to the site.

On occasion there will be a video that can be considered a bit extreme – for example, we have several “Cow Pus” videos that pop up from time to time. Also, there is a parasite called the Bot Fly, and their larvae have starred in numerous videos that make their way to our happy pages. When these videos do show up here in The Corner, please pay attention to the words “Warning: Extreme!” in the **ZIT**le. If you are someone who is squeamish about animal pus, parasites, or extremely graphic videos, you may want to skip those particular postings.

So, on behalf of the PTZ community, I bid you welcome to the site! You will find a list of categories to make your pus hunting easier, the Shoutbox is a great way to interact live with other members, and there is also the Forum for sharing thoughts, asking questions, or heck – go on over there to introduce yourself!

We hope you enjoy these videos, and stick around for even more wackiness here every week!

~ Halph Staph

Edition 11: pickypicky’s Top Ten!


Edition 10: dripper’s Top Ten!


Edition 9: MotherEruption65’s Top Ten!


Edition 8: comedoness’s Top Ten!


Week 7: pimplepoppinmama’s Top Ten


Week 6: Emilbus20’s Top Ten


Week 5


Week 4


Top 10 Holiday Edition 2010


Top 10 for Week #2: 12/17/2010

Hello popologists and new popheads!

I’m sure most everyone is gearing up for that wonderful, magical day only a mere week away! So, for a good stress reliever, I’ve rounded up some more great videos from the archives just for you! For our new popheads, I am sure you will be scratching your head at a couple of these videos – such as “Tonsil Stones!” and “Dr. J – Ear Wax!”. The more time you spend around PTZ, the more you will find we are not just about the pus. There are other amazing things that are either formed by the body, or at least expelled from it. In the weeks to come, there will always be a smattering of these “different” videos. You might like them, you might not. Whichever you chose is a-okay here!!

Grab your cuppa nog, sit back, and enjoy this fine collection. I’ll see you in the pages!

~ H.S.

The Ten List
Week #2

(These are in no particular order)

1. “It’s Mashed Potatoes!!”

2. “Neatness Doesn’t Count in Bicep Draining”
(This post went totally viral – but here at PTZ, we provide the original! lol)

3. “big neck cyst explodes” (Oh so good!!! Watch it twice!)

4. “Huge Blackhead” (They don’t make them much bigger than this!)

5. “Tonsil Stones!” **Non-pus video**

6. “A Case of Mycetoma aka Nose Full of Pus”

7. “Dr. J – Ear Wax!” **Non-pus video**
(Dr. Janakiram is a regular at PTZ – he is our favorite ENT, and a good friend!)

8. “Bug Bite Gone WILD! Pus Party Never Ends!”

9. “Piles and Piles of Pus!”

10. “Sybille II”

The Inaugural Ten List 12/09/2010
Week #1

(These are in no particular order)

1. “The Best Back Zit”

2. “Sebaceous Cyst Removal or AWSEOME” https://www.popthatzits.com/2009/08/sebaceous-cyst-removal-technique-or-awesome/

3. “Amazing Giant Blackhead – Surgical Resection” https://www.popthatzits.com/2009/06/amazing-giant-blackhead-surgical-resection/

4. “DIY Cyst Surgery, Pus Plucking Technique…” https://www.popthatzits.com/2009/10/diy-cyst-surgery-pus-plucking-technique/

5. “Popping Craig’s Cyst”

6. “Goat Bar Cyst Gone Wild!”

7. “Solar Flare? No – Cyst Popped by Another Tattoo Artist!” https://www.popthatzits.com/2010/01/giant-back-cyst-explosion/

8. “Another Thanksgiving Special – Back Cyst Le Crème” https://www.popthatzits.com/2010/11/another-thanksgiving-special-back-cyst-le-creme/

9. “Super Close Up Biore Strip”

10. “Ear Puke II” https://www.popthatzits.com/2009/06/ear-puke-ii/


May 13, 2011

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  • Awww, sheesh. I’m just doing something I love, and hoping that it gives newer members some of the best viewing possible, since some weeks the front page is kinda dry, no matter how hard all the posters work! The true thanks goes to all the people who spend countless hours finding the videos!!! (but I won’t lie, this is fun!!!)

    So, watch out – and start compiling your own personal 10 list! I will be asking members to show their favs soon! Woo-hoo!

    ~ H.S.

  • Great idea. I thought of suggesting something like this, but it was to have a category for all the videos that had a lot of views and got 4 stars and above. Like a Hall of Fame. This should take care of that, though.

  • H.S – This was really amazing,you put a lot of hard work in!! Sorry for the remark on the hillbilly vid.,I am a southerner,from up in the mountains,and I took a lot of heat for my accent…so I’m a bit sensitive to that…anyhow again my sincere apologies!!

  • Hey – no prob A.Q.! We all have those days. I’m not beyond having my own touchy points either. Apology humbly and gladly accepted. 🙂

    ComeToPopper – Each week’s 10 list will remain available for all time, so it kinda is like a Hall o’ Fame. Although with guest lists and “themed” lists, some videos will be found on several lists. We’ll try and keep them **ZIT**ed apart, however.

    So everyone – peruse those archives and start compiling your favs!!! Ya never know when you will be called upon for your valued opinion! I think it will be fun to see exactly what everyone likes best, I bet there will be some surprises!

    POP ON!
    ~ H.S.

  • HS – got to offer a huge “THANKS!!” to you & Emil for this one. I love it! But I do have one question. I know you told us the list will change once a week, but when during the week? Or will it vary depending on “stuff”?? Don’t want to miss anything! 😀

  • @pillpusher (and for all) – It may vary from time to time for special occasions, but *always* by Friday. With Christmas, the Holiday edition may go up on Wednesday, for a pending example. Ho Ho Ho!

    You’ll be able to see all the lists whenever you wish, so new popheads can just start at Week 1.

    POP ON!
    ~ H.S.

    PS – on average – two keyboards/year. More from accidental spills than usage. lol

  • Thank you so much HS, Emilbus, and everyone else who takes the time to find & post these great videos. PTZ is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re going to get. And that’s part of the fun. I love reading the introductions and comments. It’s the amazing people who follow PTZ that I love most. You’re all like my family.

  • Im bowing, taking my hat off, face up, gazing heavenward, thinking “how great thou art” Not enough gesticulations to demonstrate my awe and gra**ZIT**ude for you, Halphie!

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