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    Sooooo, I had a really rough evening 2 night ago, and I cried myself to sleep in my smoking chair in the garage. It’s still pretty cold at night here, so I had a heater close to me. At some point, my hand got too close to it and I woke up screaming in pain. At first it was just very red and intensely painful, but after an hour, perhaps less, I started developing blisters. Huge blisters. Blisters that merged and became monstrous blisters. One of them is a bit bigger than a quarter, and 2 others are about the size of a nickel. There are 3 or 4 smaller ones. They are on the top of my hand and two of the larger ones extend out onto my fingers. I’ve been reading up on 2nd degree burn care, and apparently I am not supposed to pop the blisters, but I am going insane! They hurt like **ZIT**, but thankfully I am medicated for other reasons. I know that we have a couple of nurses and perhaps even an MD here at PTZ, and I was hoping for some advice. My secondary problem is that i am in the process of moving…so this is not the best time for me to try and disfigure myself or get a raging infection. I am willing to send pics if that’s needed, but I just want some good advice on what to do here! Thanks. ~Inna

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