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    on sunday night my bakers cyst decided to burst into the didnt hurt at first but man it killed. its tuesday night in aussieland and im still in a lot of pain.

    does any one have an idea of how long its gonna take to settle?

    if the pain is still bad tomorrow im gonna make an appt to see my gp.

    this is how it happened

    i was laying on my left side prob on this site or youtube in bed. i decided to bend my knee to see how much it could bend cause it was swollen which is normal at night for that leg. i suddenly felt a pop in the area where i broke it 4 years ago. the pop itself didnt hurt and it took up to 5 mins to feel the pain. (i wasnt timing but thats what it felt like. it could have been sooner but dont know).

    i tried everything i normally do to help ease the pain and in the end i gave in and call the after hours doc service. they adviced me to go to the local er. i had an ultrasound yesterday am and it **ZIT** killed. as it turned out the bakers cyst that was there in 2011 is no longer there.

    if it had been full of pus i would have been over the moon but it wasnt. oh well

    any way have fun guys



    Rose: I think that you should see your GP. You may require icing it, a compression bandage or a number of other treatments including anti-inflammatories and almost definitely some physio to maintain range of motion. Hope you are up and about and feeling much more pain free in a hurry.



    i saw my gp and it looks like it was my anxiety that increased my pain once again as there was no fluid in the knee. i felt a lot better after seeing her and was weight bearing again. i went for a 3 to 4 km walk today with no issues so that was good

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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