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    I learned to pop pimples and blackheads by pressing down on them with a rounded, flat head bobby type hairpin. The blackheads just jump up and out of the skin. It sure would be nice if someone could video this type blackhead removal procedure on a willing subject having a field of blackheads on his/her body. You think someone would come forth since they can get paid for the video submittted to this site. The ideal subject would have numerous blackheads like that person shown in the video named Hippiehicks Series #4 Score by Dripper, posted on July 22, 2011. In fact, it would be sure extacy if Dripper could again video this person having all his blackheads popped on his back utilizing the old school, reliable, hair pin press method. Talk about a video. Wow, it would be a cl**ZIT**ic to all us blackhead popping junkies.

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