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    Due to the immense and ever growing backlog of video submissions – I finally just said "Hafta do this!" and so was created a new set of very complete instructions on how to make a completed submission form for your video gems!

    Please, I am humble asking that everyone, even those who don't post, give this post a read on the Main Page.

    H.S.’s Quick Guide to Posting *UPDATED*

    Some important points are included, such as new limitations on the number of posts per day from any single poster, a plee for posters to go back and fill in incomplete posts, tips, tricks, and other mad cap funness!

    You have no idea how thrilled we are to have so many new, eager video miners/posters, and I do not want anyone thinking they are being picked on or not appreciated. Far from it! But with the new influx, what used to be a one person easy job has become insanely difficult, especially when any headway I make disappears within the next 12 hours! GAH!

    As always, if you have questions, ask away. And I hope these new directions will make even the newest member a first rate poster in no time! Next up will be "Tips and Tricks on Finding Videos and Avoiding Reposts."

    Just Pop It!

    ~ H.S.

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