i keep getting a big zit or a cyst on back right below shoulders

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    i keep getting big zits or a cyst right under my shoulders on my back…after a while it will eventually go away…..an i use rubbing alcohol a little on them….it don't seem like it does much though…..why have i all of a sudden been getting these on my back (just above shoulder blades and just under shoulders)….i get like 3 or 4 at a time …..they will finally go away and a new one will show up right when i thing they are all gone….i don't have another zit on my body and haven't in like 15 years……i just don't get acne…..EVER….are these like small cyst or just zits that are under the skin and aren't coming to a head……they're big red spots that are hard….a couple months ago a few of them shrank and there was puss in them and they finally went away….then i got more….i've never had the on my back…diet is all the same…i don't smoke, i don't drink ever cause i have epilepsy…PLEASE HELP….

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