Maggots Save Man’s Life! WARNING: EXTREME

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    ***WARNING*** As interesting as the concept is, this video is extremely graphic and gross. Please don’t watch it if you have any question on tolerance.

    A man was riding his motorcycle when he had an accident, fell down a slope and landed in a watermelon field. He was lost for 5 days before rescue! The doctor said if the maggots had not cleaned the infection and dead flesh from his wounds, he would have died. Despite their work though, he has extensive damage and in the video the little workers have NOT been removed, and they are great in numbers.

    SO – please choose carefully whether or not to view the video. It cannot be submitted as he is shown in full frontal laying on the gurney.

    “Injured Man Saved By Maggot”:

    I found it an interesting testament to the good work these simple creatures can do, in a world full of modern technology.


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