Who had a cyst before or abscess, bots etc.???

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    So in my whole entire life, I have never had a cyst, abscess, boil, bot fly larvae, or what ever. The worst I have ever had was a pimple. I don’t even know a human being that has had anything like that.

    My cat had an abscess or maybe a spiderbite before but never a person.

    Not even my dog had anything, beside an interdigital cyst between his toes, but they are not full of pus nor fun.

    Who gets stuff like that? What do people do different than me? I shower every day or twice per day. I put new clothes on every day, I use my towel only once, I eat healthy, don’t drink a bunch of soda, no alcohol, I don’t smoke. I wear everyday fresh washed clothing, never anything twice. My family has no history of stuff like that at all. I do travel to weird unsanitary bug invested countries, but I don’t even get bit by mosquitoes. What do you people do?

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